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In this episode we will discuss 2 topics, reaching back and helping others out and jealousy. We will look at Tim McGraw for some examples and inspiration.

Tim McGraw is one of the greatest singers and performers of country music. He is also a dedicated husband and father. After dropping out of college he moved to Nashville with dreams of becoming a huge country star. During his time as a struggling musician, playing clubs and writing songs he meets a young Jo Dee Messina.

Tim eventually gets a record deal with Curb Records and releases his first few albums. His first album failed to reach the success he was hoping but both his second and his third album went platinum.

Now that Tim has some power and money due to the success of his albums he decided to reach back and help his friend, Jo Dee Messina. He tells her that he is willing fund and co-produce her first album. Here is an artist that has sold over 40 million records has the empathy to reach back and pulling his friends up.

This concept of reaching back and pulling someone else out, is describe well in this Denzel Washington commencement speech,

We all can do this right now. Reach back and help someone else out that doesn’t have as much money, food, or talent as you. Maybe you can help someone out with lessons or just simply donating your time.

Jo Dee Messina credits Tim McGraw for her success and claims that she wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Tim.

The second topic I want to discuss is jealously. This is something we all struggle with especially as artists.

For example, maybe a friend of yours gets a record deal or places a song on a TV or their band goes on tour. Because this may be something that we want for ourselves we get jealous over their success.

What if we flipped our thinking? What if we are genuinely happy and excited for their accomplishments? We should encourage our friends success because in order for us to be successful we have to hang around successful people. If your friend becomes successful, you have now gained another successfully person in your life to help you along your journey.

We are a collection of the 5 people that we hang out with the most. So if you hang out with losers, chances are you will be a loser also. But if you hang around successfully people then there is more likely hood that you will be successful.

Plus, this friend of yours that is now on tour they may ask you to come play on stage with them, write a song with them, or refer your name to someone else.

Although fighting jealousy can be something that is a struggle for us to overcome, it can be done by simply flipping the way we think of it. Always remembers that the success of your friends or people around you will only help you in the long run.

To recap, always reach back and help someone else out and stop being jealous of others.

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