Talent Is A Given

Everyone has talent, you can’t make it as a musician or in any profession if you don’t have talent.

At some point you will realize that everyone is so good. What separates the legendary people versus the average people? That’s what we are going to discuss today.

We are going to examine the professional career of NFL quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Nothing has been handed to him and has gone from someone that no one believed in to the most successful quarterback in NFL history.

There are 3 things that stand out about Tom Brady that separates him from all the other quarterbacks that play or have played professional football.

1. Heart
2. Hard Work
3. Taking advantage of opportunities

Even his coach for the Patriots, Bill Belichick, says Tom Brady doesn’t have a lot of natural talent, but he has great instincts, and takes advantage of every opportunity that’s given to him. He works hard and finds a way to win.

Brady was drafted into the NFL in 2000, he was the 199th pick. That means that there were 198 football players selected before him. That was also the 6th round of the draft and there were 6 quarterbacks taken before him. Even the New England Patriots selected 5 other players before they drafted Tom.

Nobody believed that Brady was going to become anything special in the league.

What did Tom Brady achieve? (as of this 2018 video)

– 5 NFL Super Bowl Championships
– 4 Super Bowl MVP’s
– 3 League MVP’s (was 40 years old when he won it in 2018)

How did he do it?

1. Heart – when no one else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. You have to put people’s opinions behind you and take that frustration and anger and apply it to you work ethic. Apply it to how you think and how your going to get better every single day.

2. Take advantage of your opportunities – In 2001, Brady’s 2nd year, starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe goes out for the season with an injury. This was Tom’s change to step up and become a leader. He not only has a successful season but he leads the Patriots to the Super Bowl and wins.

– How did do this? He had to be ready, he had to prepared, he had to put the work in beforehand and be ready when his number was called.

– People are given opportunities in this world all the time but many of them are not ready, they are not prepared physically or mentally. These people you never hear about.

– How do Brady get prepared? Day in and day out grinding, learning, watching film, and always getting better.

– How are you taking care of your body and mind? What’s your routine, are you getting enough sleep, are you eating right, are you exercising properly and doing the things necessary for your body?

– What are you doing for your mind? How are you growing, how are you getting stronger? You have to have a powerful mindset that keeps you going every single day.

3. Work Ethic – This is what separates the talented from the legendary. There will always be someone younger then you and better than you. The way to overcome this is to up work your competition. You may have to stay up all night, you have to learn, you have to watch videos, you have to get mentors, and grow everyday. You can’t control others but you can control is how hard you work.

Everyone has talent, the person that is going to become legendary is the one that works the hardest. Think Tom Brady, think 199.

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